Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nike bandana review

I'm making this review for everyone interested in buying a Nike bandana but isn't sure whether it's worth the money or not. I hope this review will answer most of the questions that you have about the swoosh and dri-fit bandanas.

First of all, I do own the bandanas, several of the dri-fit and a couple of cotton ones as well, I don't have any head-tie bandanas yet but I am planning on getting one in the future so I'll add my opinion about them when I get around to buying one. There are also Yonex and Addidas bandanas which I don't own, so I'm not sure what they're like by comparison.

Nike cotton bandana:

Fit: It's basically fits and feels like any typical bandana, it's 100% cotton and has a nike swoosh painted on the front.

Comfort: I think these bandanas are very comfortable, it's thin though, so if you sweat a lot you will probably have to wash it every other practice session.

Is it worth the price? Well as I said before there is absolutely no difference between this and a traditional bandana and since a normal bandana can typically be purchased for around a dollar, it wouldn't seem like a very good deal but they are very stylish and great quality, so I would strongly recommend them if you're willing to put up a few more dollars for style.

Side note: The white bandana gets dirty really easily. It's hard to keep clean and even harder to get the stains out of it. You'll probably have to wash this one the most of all the bandanas and while it's probably the nicest one, it's also the hardest by far to keep clean.

Nike Dri-fit bandana:

Fit: This one is bigger and thicker than the cotton bandana. It absorbs sweat better than the cotton one.

Comfort: This one is, also very comfortable but it does feel a little bit tight, when you tie it and because of the bulkiness I think the cotton bandana may be slightly more comfortable but both are still very good.

Is it worth the price: I think with this one it depends mostly on your preference for the fit of the bandana. If you like a slightly bulkier fit, you will probably like this one. I would probably recommend trying the cotton swoosh bandana first and if you like that one, then consider buying one of these.

Over-all I prefer the cotton one, just a little bit more than the Dri-fit bandana. Thanks for reading my article, please let me know if you agree with me.:)


Drew Millen said...

I'm with you... I prefer the cotton, but I can't find any online. Most sites are only selling the dry-fit ones now. Do you have any suggestions on where to find a bunch?

JoshDragon said...

Hi Drew,

I would recommend Tennis Warehouse if you live in the States, or Pro-direct if you live in Europe.

Tennis warehouse, has a really nice forum.

I've heard that there may be some new cotton bandanas coming out from the US Open. The yellow Del Potro one, and the blue Nadal one. Right now they're very difficult to find, so hopefully Nike will decide to release them.

Anonymous said...

If you're in Europe you can order thru Tennis Warehouse Europe. Same company, different location.

Unique Sports Accessories said...

I've seen the black and white dri-fitbandanas at:http://www.uniquesportsaccessories.c...productId=1296

I would like to know where to get the red or yellow ones that nadal and federer wear

Unique Sports Accessories said...

I've seen the black and white bandanas at:

I would like to know where to get the red or yellow ones that nadal and federer wear

JoshDragon said...

Unique Sports Accessories:

The red and yellow bandanas aren't available anymore. If you're talking about the US Open ones, Nike never released them.

chao said...

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