Saturday, July 4, 2009

Federer and Roddick are in the finals.

I am by no means exaggerating when I say this. Roddick played the match of his career to beat Andy Murray and make it to his third Wimbledon final. This is easily the best match I've ever seen him play, John McEnroe said it too and I'm agreeing with him. His tactical decisions were great, he switched up his play when he needed to and his consistency was there when he needed it most. While this is a tremendous achievement for Roddick, it will take this kind of performance and a lot of luck for him to have any kind of chance in the finals on Sunday.

Roger, is so tough on grass, that no matter how well Andy plays it will still be a nearly impossible challenge for him to overcome. Fed, played a solid match against Haas in the other Wimbledon semi-final. His performance wasn't ground breaking or anything but it should be good enough to out-do Roddick in a best of 5 set match. Although wouldn't it be amazing if Andy did beat him? Usually I'm a Federer fan but I may support Roddick tomorrow when he plays for the championship. It's hard not to. He's made a lot of improvements in his game and he came so close in 2004. Roddick is kind of in the same position that Nadal was in last year. Playing phenomenal matches against Roger and continuing to improve until he finally breaks through and de-thrones the king. It took Rafa 3 tries so maybe the third time is the charm for Roddick as well.

Whatever happens I'm just hoping for another classic Wimbledon final.

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