Sunday, June 7, 2009

Federer wins 14th grand slam and ties Pete Sampras

This picture perfectly describes Roger's emotion after winning the French Open. He was nearly sobbing when he got to match point and after firing off one last service winner Roger fell to the ground and broke down in tears. It was like the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders. So what's next for Federer? Breaking Pete's record by winning one more major? Another chance at the gold medal? Or perhaps setting a new record for grand slams that may never be broken?

Even though Federer played great, in the finals there were a few things that bothered me about the match. I was disturbed by that guy who ran out onto the court when Federer was getting ready to return serve early in the second set. The security was not present and the guy was able to get close enough to touch Federer, he tried to put his hat on Federer's head and took off running when he saw the security guards finally arriving on the court. This should never have happened and it wasn't until the end of the match that the French security was even visable. What the hell is wrong with the French tournament officials?! I know the Seles stabbing was a long time ago but there may be another incident like that if they don't keep their security guards courtside during the matches. The second thing that bothered me was Federer's response in the post match interview, one of the reporters asked him if he deserved the title even though he didn't have to go through Nadal to win. Federer, said that he did because he had beaten Nadal in Madrid a couple weeks ago. Hold on Roger, you're taking a victory in a masters series final and comparing it to a victory in a grand slam final. That's ridiculous there's no comparison. First of all, the Madrid final was best of 3 sets not best of 5, secondly there's no question Nadal would have taken the Roland Garros final more seriously and would have played better than he did in Madrid. It's a major and he was the four time defending champion. You can't compare Madrid to the French Open and this is coming from Roger himself, it makes him sound like a poor sport.

I was happy for Roger when he won the French but I would have preferred a more competitive match. Soderling never had a chance after the first set. He played decently in the second set but he was never able to get his game into the top gear that brought him to the finals.

Does it seem kind of strange that only a year ago Federer was in a slump and Nadal was winning tournaments left and right, after watching Nadal blitz Federer in the French Open finals I and most of the tennis community thought Nadal would win Wimbledon for sure. Now a year later Federer is playing awesome tennis again and despite having complications in his life it looks like he could make a resurgence. Nadal on the other hand has been having problems with his knees and now we're not even sure if he will be able to play Wimbledon, Federer, could potentially regain his title without having to go through Nadal. It's really amazing what changed in a year. I hope this isn't the start of something bad for Nadal but his knee problems are becoming more than a concern, they're more like a hindrance. I've heard that he's been having acute pains in his right knee but there's a rumor going around that it's just an excuse to give him some time off to deal with his RG loss. I'm not sure what the truth is but it would be a big loss if he misses Wimbledon.
With the clay season now at it's end, get ready for a few exciting weeks of grass tennis. Wimbledon is right around the corner and I'll be back to blog about the matches in Queens. Later.

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